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You can be seen in Plymouth or in Truro for an initial consultation by one of our plastic surgeons in order to discuss an area of your body you are unhappy with or any of the procedures we offer. The initial fee covers the first consultation, but will often include being seen at least twice prior to making a decision with your surgeon to undertake treatment. There is however no obligation to take it any further.

At your consultation, we will explore the particular problem you have come to see us about, but will also ask about previous surgery, including cosmetic surgery and any medical problems you have. We will ask about smoking as most operations are associated with better outcomes and your body will heal better if you don’t smoke. We will also ask about your occupation so we can advise you when you can return to work.

After we have examined the relevant area, we will talk about the options for surgery and answer any questions you have.

We will often ask your permission to take photos of the area of your body you are concerned with during your consultation. These will form part of your medical record and used for planning surgery.

We are able to create 3D simulations fo your area of concern and demonstrate potential post treatment results. Please see our 3D Imaging Analysis Section

Prices for the various procedures can be provided after the initial consultation and there are several different options for payment.

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All of our cosmetic consultants are experts in their field and specialise in a range of procedures. They are able to offer professional advice, drawing on their years of experience, consistently delivering outstanding patient outcomes.

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