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Skin & Soft Tissue Lesions

Moles and other Skin Lesions

We are experts at diagnosing lumps on the skin as well as removing them. We can usually tell whether they are worrying or not, although if we have any doubt we will recommend removal. All the lesions that we remove will be sent to the pathology lab for examination. Most can be removed under local anaesthetic in 30 minutes. We are part of the skin cancer multidisciplinary team at Derriford and have many years experience of treating skin cancer. Mr MacKenzie leads the skin cancer team and performs sentinel lymph node biopsy for melanoma and complete lymph node clearance for melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Soft tissue lumps and bumps

In addition to skin lesions, lumps under the skin or deep in the muscles can also arise. Most often these are benign lipomas (non-cancerous fatty lumps). Chris Taylor leads the Sarcoma team at Derriford which deals with soft tissue lumps and has extensive experience in dealing with reconstructing the soft tissues to restore form and function after resecting the largest of soft tissue lumps.

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