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Abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) is for people with an excess of mainly skin on their tummies. This can be for men or women. Excessive tummy skin may be the result of having had a child or children or the result of having lost weight.

The surgery involves removing the excess tissue from the lower part of your tummy leaving a scar that can be hidden in underwear or a swimsuit. Usually there is a scar around the belly button as well. During this operation we can tighten up the abdominal muscles if they have been stretched during pregnancy.

After this surgery, you will have a support garment and drains. These will be taken out after one or two days before you leave hospital. It will take about 4 weeks before you are back to full fitness. If there is excess fat in addition to the loose skin, the procedure can sometimes be combined with liposuction to reduce this and to improve the shape and contour.


Some people have areas of their body which they consider unshapely and poorly defined. There might be areas of excess fat resistant to healthy eating regimes and exercise or contour deformities or irregularities following an injury.

Liposuction is a procedure in which these areas can be re-sculpted by sucking out fat to reduce its prominence or improve the shape and contour. It is a procedure requiring a general anaesthetic and mostly involves a hospital stay but depends on the extent of the area to be addressed.

We would be very happy to see you for an initial consultation to discuss your areas of concern and discuss options to improve them.

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